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Professional actor and Voice Over artist, Anthony has been working doggedly for the past 6 years.  He has over 25 years of acting experience including a Theatre major at Utah State University.  You can see some of his latest projects on the News Tab.

Want a quick hit of his demos? Check them out below, or click on the mic picture to the left.

Commercial Demo:

 Commercial Demo 1 minute 00 seconds

More of Anthony’s recent commercial work can be found here

Narration Demo:

 Narrative Demo 2 minutes 45 seconds

More of Anthony’s recent narration samples can be found here.

Story Time demo:

With over 15 years of finance experience, Anthony began teaching classes to the new hires, his voice was something that could capture their attention and he was asked to teach other classes. Over time at one particular Mortgage Funding business, he became the voice of the company. It was a perfect fit, all the training emails that were sent out as a PowerPoint now had a voice to go along with it to better help the employees retain the training, and suddenly there were less questions going up the chain of command.  He knows the jargon because he’s been in the industry, from investment, to banking, to mortgage laws and regulations, Anthony turned his attention to doing the same for other companies in that realm and is making a difference.

He is also an entertainer, and is very comfortable in front of a room full of people. With his solid baritone voice, and training, he has a large number of voices and dialects he can do.  In his audiobook The Premise, he came up with 65 unique male voices.  Always working on his physique (you know, just in case he lands some super-hero/super-villain role) he stays in shape exercising and playing a myriad of sports. (and that’s more than 20 – if you want a list, you’ll have to check out the Resume Tab)

So that’s Mr. Lovato in a nutshell. Have fun checking out the site if you’d like, there is always some fun nuggets here and there. Oh and please do like his fan page on Facebook, or check him out on Twitter, and there is also the Instagram, which you’ll find some of his latest posts of on this site.  You can also check out his audiobook titles here on Audible, or here on


Here is the film On A High Arid Plain that I worked on recently.