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Anthony LeRoy Lovato

A hard working and up and coming…Blah, blah, blah.

This is the part where I’m supposed to talk myself up and make me try to sound like I’m the best unknown talent in the country. (Not that I don’t believe in that statement. :-) )

The truth is, I’ve been working at this for the past 25 years, but really actively for the past 6 years. I’ve been really busy in 2016 already.  I just landed my latest biggest gig, check that stuff out on my News Tab.

Want a quick hit of my demos? Check them out right here below my picture.  (I admit these need to be updated, but I can still pull this off, only better now.) Or go see a broader list of works I’ve done on my voice and video page by clicking on the Microphone picture on the left.

If I were to describe myself as an actor, (in terms of my preparation, determination, and abilities) I hear good things said to me by the Director and Crew about my professionalism and commitment, I work on my character and try to bring it to life with constant practice. I’ve got an athletic build and grew up on a farm, I currently am taking Taekwondo to keep in shape, and can hold my own in pretty much any sport that I’ve ever played. (and that’s more than 20 – if you want a list, you’ll have to check out my Resume Tab)

So that’s me in a nutshell. Have fun checking out my site if you’d like, there is always some fun nuggets here and there. Oh and please do like my fan page on Facebook, or check me out on Twitter, and there is also the Instagram, which you’ll find some of my latest posts of on this site.  You can also check out my audiobook titles here on Audible, or here on


Commercial Demo:

Commercial Demo 1 minute 00 seconds

More of Anthony’s recent commercial work can be found here

Narration Demo:

 Narrative Demo 2 minutes 45 seconds

More of Anthony’s recent narration samples can be found here.

Story Time demo:

Here is the film On A High Arid Plain that I worked on recently.