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This page is a complete list of Narrated titles available on, and iTunes.


From current to first book:

Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Grinning Cat by Joseph W. Svec III

SH GC cover This is book one of this youth novel series. It only has 20 chapters so it’s great for early readers. Best to get it on WhisperSync so you can have your kids read along while I read it out loud with all the different fun and sometimes scary characters of Wonderland.  The end leads to the 2nd book in the series which should be out soon titled Sherlock Holmes And The Nautilus Adventure.  Running time: 3h 46min.


The Premise – A Novel To Save The World by Andy Crossfield

ThePremise Cover This one is hard to catergorize. I’d say it’s close to a Dan Brown like novel, but with more science in it. It also could fit in the political thriller, which would be about as close as you could get with putting it in a genre, but it also takes place in the near future.  Britany Dean Fullmer was my amazing female cast mate who portrayed all the women in this one.  Running Time: 12 hr 30 min.  (great for those long trips, or even to listen to over a week in the car if you have a long commute. It’s perhaps best in chunks like that.)

Blake Griffin: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Dominant Power Forwards by Clayton Geoffreys

BG Cover This quick 1 hour unofficial biography of Blake Griffin was fun and interesting. A great gift for the basketball enthusiast who is tired of the same old topics on sports radio.


The Storm Damages Series by Magda Alexander

SD1cover SD2 cover SD3 cover
Elizabeth Watson meets in person Billionaire Badboy Gabriel Storm and things go where they probably shouldn’t and she can’t let anyone know about it because… Well you should just get the series to find out.  Magda Alexander really cut her teeth with the Storm Damages series, and she did them well. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the narrated version. There are even sound effects added to put you more into the story.   Storm Damages was the very first audio book narrated by Mr. Lovato, and is still (as of Oct 2016 anyway) his best seller.




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