Anthony Lovato

I have been an actor for over 25 years. I mainly have done stage work, most recently at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City, Utah, but now it's time for me to branch out into Voice Over work. I am making my mark this year. After all, it's something that I was meant to do.
I am a very happily married man and have two boys that I am so very proud of.

Peter and the Starcatcher at The Empress

“Another clear standout is Anthony Lovato (Black Stache.) His comedic timing was simply brilliant—I was wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard at points. His gaudy stache only served to further his lovely characterization. Though Black Stache is the villain of the show, his performance made him the person that you love to hate.”

Butt Valet is going viral!

Last October I had the opportunity to film a YouTube commercial for a brand new company that was looking to create some buzz with a shocking and funny video.  It finally has been completed and the company was ready to launch, so they released this video below: If you like this please share it on […]

October 2016 Review of The 39 Steps

October 2016 Review of The 39 Steps

A fabulous review from The Davis Clipper for The 39 Steps at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre! “Lovato keeps Hannay walking the fine line between heroics and ridiculousness, vital for helping to keep the whole show together” Check out the full review here:–The-39-Steps–an-absolute-delight Get your tickets for the remaining 3 shows this coming Thursday, Friday, or Saturday […]

Working on a couple of secret projects right now…

I’m not at liberty to say what the 2 secret projects are at the moment, but I can let you know that you’ll find out soon enough on your own. Perhaps even newsworthy, but definitely nothing illegal.  :-)  Here is a picture I posted on Instagram to give you a hint.  This one is a two day […]

My First Young Reader audio book is on!!!

My First Young Reader audio book is on!!!

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of The Grinning Cat has officially hit the market! Go check it out and listen to the sample HERE! The last few months of the 2016 school year, I was volunteering every Friday to read to my son’s 3rd grade class.  I had so much fun doing that, and seeing […]

Kick off the weight this summer with me!

Kick off the weight this summer with me!

This is my first time ever really trying martial arts of any kind.  I started because I was looking for my son to do to help him gain discipline, balance, respect, and coordination, (not to mention the ability to protect himself if it ever came to that.)  I tried one highly touted place, but I […]

Listen to a sizzling romance novel this summer while you get tanned!

Listen to the first one, or get hooked and listen to all 3! I will confess, they do get better as they go along, and the 3rd is one of my best performances in this trilogy according to fans!  Download these from and listen on your smart phone or other device while tanning, hiking, […]

Hire a hard working voice actor who loves what he does!

The Premise remixed by Brent Vincent

This was such a fun project and everyone involved had a blast making this. Below is a fun little snippet of the book that the master of all things music and sound editing Brent Vincent cooked up while we were finishing up the final remastering of the audio files.  Enjoy! 

Promo Scene 4 A Way Out For The Senator in The Premise Audiobook

In this final scene we hear Jack the author sit with Senator Max Deason in the Senator’s office in D.C.  It’s a moment in the book where Jack needs to get Max to open up, and if not, then I guess plan B. Please feel free to comment on the Facebook event page: The Premise Audiobook […]

Promo Scene 3 The Best Laid Plans… in The Premise Audiobook

In this third scene, we get to hear one of the bad guys in the book named Hank, make some snap decisions that change his fate, and not in a good way. Warning: There are gunshots in this one. Please feel free to comment on the Facebook event page: The Premise Audiobook Release Party