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The Ghost of Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol at Hale Centre Theatre the 31st annual performance

  This December I’ll be performing in the 31st Annual Performance of A Christmas Carol at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City, UT. Merry Christmas! Yes I know it’s early for that. but for this post that has to be said. As some of you may know, this will be my 6th year performing […]

The 39 Steps is next on the list for Anthony. Come check it out!

The 39 Steps is next on the list for Anthony. Come check it out!

This is going to be an amazing show.  A must see if you’re in town.  It’ll be over in a flash, so check your calendar now and schedule a night to come have some laughs and be taken on an adventure for a couple of hours. Tickets at the door, or buy them in advance […]

Just Clicked the “I’m Done” button on Storm Ravaged audiobook.

What a good feeling it is to be able to click on that button that say’s I’m finished with this audiobook of Storm Ravaged. Now the rest remains with Magda to review the recordings and then send submit. Hopefully it will pass the ACX audit and then the Book 2 in the Storm Damages series […]

The Ghost of Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol

Marley’s Ghost again!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to reprise the role of Jacob Marley’s Ghost at The Hale Centre Theatre in WVC, UT yet again this year! This marks the 5th time in a row, so I must be doing something right! Not sure what cast I’m going to be playing in, but my […]

Dracula - He's So Vein now playing at The Desert Star Playhouse Aug 28th - Nov 8th

Dracula – He’s So Vein now playing at The Desert Star Playhouse Aug 28th – Nov 8th

Please come and see this show, that is, if you enjoy having an evening of laughs. There are bound to be many. This is a stellar cast at The DSP! The show is mostly double cast and so many people have different schedules, that I thought I’d better post mine in case you would like […]

Storm Damages Audiobook is in the can!

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past 6 months, and why I haven’t been in any plays since I last performed as the ghost of Jacob Marley at the Hale Centre Theatre this past Christmas, it’s because I’ve been cutting my teeth on my first ever audiobook. What a ride it’s […]

Storm Damages (Storm Legacy) Audiobook

Storm Damages (Storm Legacy) Audiobook

I am almost finished with my rookie Audiobook debut! I just have some final touches to add to a couple of chapters at the end and then it should be released on,, and iTunes. I’m under contract for the rest of the Storm Legacy as well, so even though I feel like it’s […]

On A High Arid Plain sneak peek

On A High Arid Plain sneak peek

So many of you have been asking if they can see the film I got done working on. Well the short answer to that is no, but the Director of Photography – Gary Groth was able to snag some footage for his demo. I’ve attached it below, the first 55 seconds are all the film […]

Watch "Amazon Prime Music" on YouTube

Watch “Amazon Prime Music” on YouTube

Check it out!  My first national commercial voice over gig! Yes it’s a YouTube commercial, but still! What an awesome opportunity! And it’s for Amazon Prime Music: I’m thankful they liked my demo! You can check out the product here:  

Landed a new gig

I just found out that I’ll be playing the lead and only role in a short film titled “On A High Arid Plain”. It will be shot in March and hopefully edited by the end of April. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity. I’ll be playing as a cowboy. I’ll be riding a horse, shooting […]