The 39 Steps review

“As Richard Hannay, Anthony Lovato was in top form as the dashingly handsome comedic lead, reminiscent of Cary Grant (which is fitting, really, as Mr. Grant was one of Hitchcock’s favorites), complete with the hammy facial expressions and athletic vigor, which lent themselves to the style of the play adroitly. While all of the other […]

Who's this Antheratops guy?

Who’s this Antheratops guy?

An actor, singer, lover, father, and pretty great cook. He’s been known to be what some would call a nice guy, but he is learning to become a more integrated male that is looking for someone to appreciate him.  Currently divorced in his relationship. He’s decided to get out there in the world and find […]

Storm Damages is holding it's own!

Storm Damages is holding it’s own!

So for almost 2 months of the audiobook being on the market 84 copies have sold. Not bad. I think it would be higher if the 2nd and 3rd books were available, which is why I’m frantically working on those right now. I have a goal to have them both available before Christmas, but we’ll […]

No Time For Sergeants review

“Another actor that caught my attention was Anthony LeRoy Lovato, who played several characters throughout the play. Many actors in the play did this as well, but Lovato played his with such variety and commitment to each one that he was a pleasure to watch.”

A Christmas Carol 2012 review

“Anthony L. Lovato as the ghost of Jacob Marley was bone-chilling (and so were the effects) — he was so scary that little ones might need to hide their eyes.”

12 Angry Men Review

“The standout performances belonged to Juror #8 (Anthony Lovato) and Juror #3 (Criss Rosenlof).” “Particular standouts include Anthony L. Lovato as Juror #8, the one man who is brave enough to act on a feeling of reasonable doubt in a case everyone else sees as open and shut. Lovato’s performance is one of compassion […]

Three Musketeers review

“The Musketeers—Michael Hohl, Anthony Lovato, and Jeffrey H. Dickamore—were just as the audience expected them to be: excellent swordsman, popular with the women, and devoted to each other and whomever happened to be the king at the time.  Overall they gave pleasing performances”