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Christmas readings

Logo photoIn an effort to create a win-win situation, I’m reaching out to you all for assistance. Not something I’m very good at doing, but the time has come to take some action, so here goes…

I am a single father who also happens to be a voice actor full time for the last 15 months.  Making rent for December as well as having the ability to buy my son any Christmas presents this year is going to be a real challenge, so here is my solution.

I will read and record an MP3 of your children’s favorite story books in my professional studio. These are great for having in the car, or on your smartphone or tablet so the children in your life can listen to them whenever. Current offer is 2 books (short books, like the one in the video below) for a minimum of $60.00. If you feel compelled to help this hard working artist with a larger donation, it will be much appreciated.

This reading of Tooth Trouble was made long before I even had my studio or any recording equipment. This is very rough, but it gives you an idea as to the length of books I can read for you.

Here is my demo of story time characters to give you an idea of the different voices that I can do.

I’ll also include a story that I recorded for my son as well that is a cute tale for both boys and girls called The Princess, The Dragon, and The Brave Knight as part of your purchase!

I only have 20 slots available, so you’ll need to act fast.  Message me on facebook, or send me an email to let me know that you’re interested. We can discuss how to get me the books (or if I have them already, or can pick them up at the library) and what email address I can send the MP3 for you to download, and payment method. The easiest is paypal or google wallet at

Other great ways you can help is to purchase the audiobooks I already have for sale on Amazon, Audible or iTunes through this link:

Or if you’re in need of some shoes, please check out my store on eBay as well here: Shoe That Fits The Soul

Thank you in advance, it is greatly appreciated! <3  Hope you have a chance to come see A Christmas Carol at The Hale Centre Theatre this year. Click the link on the side for more info on my performance dates.


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