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My Bio

Anthony LeRoy Lovato has been into voice over acting ever since he was 7. His love for the orange little 45lp record player his mother got for him and the voices that came out of the Hear and Read book recordings really opened his eyes to one person doing different voices. From then on, he rarely ever spoke in his own voice for an entire day.

It was only until 2 years ago did someone even mention that he should get into voice over acting. It seemed like a logical choice. He did go to Utah State University on a theatre scholarship and has been acting in plays ever since he was a sophomore in High School. So he found a new way to channel his way of entertaining himself into entertaining others.

6 years ago he made his way back to the stage after a 4 year break at the #1 attended community theatre in the USA as of 2013, Hale Centre Theatre, West Valley City, Utah. After performing there every year since, and also some performances at other local theatres to stretch his skills, he got serious at the tail end of 2013 and made his first demos and has been getting gigs ever since, starting with a Local Black Friday radio commercial. He has since voiced a series of commercials for a local tax attorney IRS Law Pros, and landed his first national spot in a voice over for the announcement of Amazon Prime Music on Youtube.

He is also the voice of the sexy Billionaire Badboy and Heir to an Earldom – Gabriel Storm in Magda Alexanders Romance series Storm Damages, now available on, and iTunes.

Currently he is recording the rest of The Premise: A Novel To Save The World, to be released in February 2016.