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My First Young Reader audio book is on!!!

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of The Grinning Cat has officially hit the market!

Go check it out and listen to the sample HERE!

SH GC cover

The last few months of the 2016 school year, I was volunteering every Friday to read to my son’s 3rd grade class.  I had so much fun doing that, and seeing the delight in the kids faces when I would read to them with all the voices that I do for each character.  They would all get excited when I would walk into class knowing that they were in for a real treat.  For me that was a huge eye opener and I realized that I should definitely do an audiobook that would be something they could all listen to.

I present you with the project that is the fruition of that realization. My first Young Reader audio book Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure Of The Grinning Cat NOW AVAILABLE on This fun adventure is something that everyone can listen to both young and old alike. Fans of Sherlock Holmes, or of Alice In Wonderland and all of their great adventures will be taken on a fun journey through time and yes space as well! Filled with all of the famous characters such as Sherlock, Watson, Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, The Jabberwocky, Queen Of Hearts, and so many others!

Thank you to everyone who have been so supportive of me in my career, this book is my gift to you.

BTW this is a Trilogy. Sherlock Holmes in the Nautilus Adventure is in the works now and should be released in September if all goes well, followed by the 3rd book still being written without a solid title. I’ll be sure to fill you all in when that occurs, but for now if you get this book, please leave a kind review for me and the author Joseph W. Svec III, it really helps go a long way towards more people giving this audio book (and eventually series) a chance.