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Bundle Of Trouble                 Ivan Baker                                      Hale Centre Theatre, UT
Peter and the Starcatcher    Black Stache                                        Empress Theatre, UT
The 39 Steps                           Richard Hannay                Centerpoint Legacy Theatre, UT
The 39 Steps                           Richard Hannay                       Sugarfactory Playhouse, UT
Dracula:He’s so vein            Dr. Jonathan Seward               Desert Star Playhouse, UT
No Time For Sergeants        Captain/Preacher/Corp #1        Hale Centre Theatre, UT
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang       Child Catcher/Junkman/Sid     Hale Centre Theatre, UT
12 Angry Men                        Juror # 8 (lead)                       Sugarfactory Playhouse, UT
A Christmas Carol                 Marley’s Ghost           Hale Centre Theatre, UT
↑↑↑↑(past 7 years plus this upcoming season 2017 Get tickets HERE)↑↑↑↑
The Three Musketeers        Porthos                                           Hale Centre Theatre, UT
A Cricket On The Hearth     The Stranger              This is the Place Heritage Park, UT
Quick Wits-Improv Troupe Ensemble                                 Off Broadway Theatre, UT
The Mousetrap                       Giles Ralston                                Stage Right Theatre, UT
The Miracle Worker               James Keller                               Hale Centre Theatre, UT

On A High Arid Plain          The Cowboy (lead)            BYU Capstone Film
Hellespont                              Slave 3 (speaking)             Salty Horror Productions
Garbage Day                          Jacob   (lead)                      LovWerks Unltd Productions

Teem + Alexa for business Commercial – The Brute Squad Productions
Kneaders Bakery “Thanksgiving Commercial” – St. Cloud Productions – Facebook Commercial
Kodiak Cakes “HappyAccident” Commercial  -  St. Cloud Producitons – On television and YouTube
Amazon Prime commercial  – On YouTube
Butt Valet Commercial  -  Boldrush! – On YouTube

                                        VOICE OVER
Amazon Prime commercial  – On YouTube
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Grinning Cat
Sherlock Holmes and the Nautilus Adventure
Sherlock Holmes and the Round Table Adventure
Storm Damages Audiobook Series
Blake Griffin:One of Basketballs Most Dominant Power Forwards Audiobook
IRS Law Pros Radio Commercials
The Voice of Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. Training Videos/Phone/Advertisements
“On Hold” voice for Technaglass autoglass

Blood & Oil , ABC  - “Last Guy” in The Birthday Party Episode
Extreme, Stand In NBC
Touched By An Angel,  ABC
Miracles & Other Wonders, Featured, BBC T.V./Sun Pictures

Sundance Film Institute          Various Mentors         Sundance, UT
The Extra Miler Experience   Glenn Moreshower    Salt Lake City, UT
Voice Over Technique               Noelle Romano           Edge Studios, NY
Stage Combat/Swordfighting  Brad Schroeder           Hale Centre Theatre
Improv Training                         Eric Jensen                   Off Broadway Theatre
Utah State University Theatre Program

                                                      SPECIAL SKILLS
Singing, Horseback Riding, Voices, Harmonica, Juggling, Snowboarding, Ballroom Dancing, Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do).

And over 20 sports including but not limited to: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Racquetball,  Ultimate,

Archery, Shooting (Marksmanship – Rifle, handgun, trap shooting), Rowing, Rock Climbing,  Mountain Biking, Debate*, Improv*, Indoor Volleyball, 

Horseshoes**, Golf**,  Frisbee Golf, Track and Field, Softball, Rugby, Wrestling,  Ping Pong*.

(*Yes, if you do it the way I’ve done it, it’s definitely a sport!) , (**Have you ever played it? It takes some skill.)

Dialects:  British, Southern, New Englander, Scottish, French, New York, Italian, Indian, I’m kind of a mocking bird, I can pick stuff up pretty quickly.  I don’t do impersonations – Like my hero  Hank Azaria says, “I do awful impersonations of other people and they end up sounding unique.”  Check out my demos here for a listen to what kind of accents I can do.

Anthony LeRoy Lovato

Anthony Lovato