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Storm Damages Audiobook is in the can!

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past 6 months, and why I haven’t been in any plays since I last performed as the ghost of Jacob Marley at the Hale Centre Theatre this past Christmas, it’s because I’ve been cutting my teeth on my first ever audiobook. What a ride it’s been. Let me tell you. Oh…you’re still reading, good then I will tell you. :)

During these past 6 months I’ve been working my day job, a nine to five high stress environment Monday through Friday. So that really eats up much of my time during the days. I also have two boys who are chomping at the bit to have any time with dad (especially once summer hit), and then there is my muse, and love – my wife Rachel. She’s also a busy-body as a wedding coordinator now that wedding season is in full swing. I barely see her except for the short hours we stay up way later than we should so we can be together, at least for that much.

Also during this time, I’ve had major family birthday parties to attend and the usual family functions that your presence at  leaves you feeling great knowing you were there. I then starred in my first film On a High Arid Plain that took up 5 full 15 hour filming days, and oh yeah, my car died.

Finding time to sit and record, and edit, has been challenging to say the least, especially when I had to also wear a few other hats in the production of this. I not only was the voice for the audiobook, but I also was the Editor, Foley, Director, and Assistant Producer on my debut audiobook. I say debut because despite the time it took me, I have 2 more book deals I’m under contract with. Storm Ravaged, and Storm Redemption, books 2 and 3 of the Storm Damages Series by Magda Alexander.

It has been a serious learning curve for me to say the least, and it has been a fantastic journey every step of the way. Hopefully this translates into finishing book 2 faster than book 1 and book 3 even faster than that. Which will be a good thing because I’m sure my fans, and new fans after the sale of this audiobook grow, I’ll be getting nudged daily to get the next two books recorded and out for sale. (Which is a great situation really.) I also hope to soon drop the day job so I can record and edit audio books as my full time job, that way I’ll get them done a lot faster.

I really hope that if you purchase the audiobook you’ll enjoy it as much as I did (and in some cases more than I did – it is a steamy romance novel after all) in bringing Magda’s great writing to life. Here is the link to purchase it on, but it is also available on and iTunes.

I’ve never read a romance novel cover-to-cover before this one. I’ve also never voiced or acted as a woman before, other than mama bear in those children’s books I read for my youngest. So that was also a challenge, I really tried to just be every character in the book, as true to how I thought they would really be in real life. I hope that translates well for the listener.

I’m excited to get to the second book! And I will, but I need to spend some time replacing the engine in my car, taking my boys camping and hiking, and cleaning up my severely neglected living space, and then I’ll be back at it with a vengeance!

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