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Storm Damages is holding it’s own!

Storm Damages coverSo for almost 2 months of the audiobook being on the market 84 copies have sold. Not bad. I think it would be higher if the 2nd and 3rd books were available, which is why I’m frantically working on those right now. I have a goal to have them both available before Christmas, but we’ll see. Between plays, and auditions, and car problems, and a bout with the flu bug, I’m in the booth recording or editing Storm Ravaged. Thank you for your encouragement and support! You all keep me pushing myself to do more!

If you want to get in on the story today however, you can click on the links below:

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Warning: Storm Damages is a romance novel filled with steamy heated sex scenes. More info about this book below.

Storm Damages

Book 1: Storm Damages Series

Storm Damages by Magda Alexander

Promising law student Elizabeth Watson struggled her entire life to claw out of her dirt poor background. And now she can have what she’s fought so long for–an associate position at the law firm where she works–as long as she keeps up her grades, makes law review. And stays out of trouble. But trouble is just what walks in one scorching hot summer day.

When Gabriel Storm walks into Elizabeth’s life she wants nothing to do with him. After all, he’s on the opposing side of a business deal her law firm represents. If she’s seen with him, she can kiss her career goodbye. But she can’t stay away from the billionaire who put the “B” in bad boy, and soon she’s embroiled in an affair hot enough to make every ounce of her being burn. She should walk away, hell, she should run away, but she can’t. Because all she cares about is his kiss, his touch, and the way she feels when she’s in his arms. Even if to be with him means the ruin of it all.