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Working on a couple of secret projects right now…

I’m not at liberty to say what the 2 secret projects are at the moment, but I can let you know that you’ll find out soon enough on your own. Perhaps even newsworthy, but definitely nothing illegal.  :-)  Here is a picture I posted on Instagram to give you a hint.  This one is a two day shoot, but it could lead to more gigs if all goes well.

One not so secret project is my latest stage performance as Richard Hannay in The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow, who spoofed the Alfred Hitchcock film that was adapted from a novel by John Buchan

I’m also working on my latest audiobook to come out in about a month called Sherlock Holmes and The Nautilus Adventure by Joseph Svec III.  It’s a follow up to the first book in the series Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Grinning Cat. This one has Sherlock undersea looking for Jules Verne and travelling on Captain Nemo’s submersible, and filled with other amazing creatures of the deep blue sea (perhaps even a Mermaid).  This will be a great series for Young Adults or the kid at heart with a 3rd book on the way, but I leave that title a deeper secret right now.

My next stage performance at Hale Centre Theatre will be repeating my role as Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol. this December. So you’ll want to get tickets ASAP, as this is their 32nd annual production and they sell out to people all over the country, and even some world travelers that make the journey to West Valley City, Utah to see this gem of a reminder about what Christmas really means…according to Charles Dickens anyway. This upcoming holiday season just wouldn’t be the same for me without being a part of this show. This will be my 7th year playing Marley, and still there are so many of you who have never seen the reason why the directors and producers at such a fine theatre keep asking me to play this part. So perhaps this will be the year you take some real action and click on the link for Hale in this paragraph, I’ll be performing in the Monday (the 12th only, but both shows), Wednesday (both shows) Friday (8PM performances and the 5 and 8 on 12/23) and Saturday AM Matinees (11AM and 2PM including the magical final two performances that just so happen to fall on Christmas Eve).

That’s all I can tell you right now. Hopefully there will be more to come as this fella is still hard at work, looking for his next acting gig.